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Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Governor's September Message
YOUR lodge has been busy!! Friday night dinners are doing well. The Canvas Escapes event was sold out. Did you ever think you would hear again that an event at Chesterton Moose Lodge was SOLD OUT? Come out and be part of what is going on at our Moose. The Board is working hard planning activities that will interest the Moose membership.
Do you have an idea or event you think would pack the place? Let’s hear it!!
Keep an eye on our website for Chesterton Moose Events and Friday Dinner menus.

Upcoming events...

September 14th - 10th District Meeting at Michigan City Lodge 2PM
September 28th - Public Bingo 1pm (Doors open at Noon)
October 4th – LIVE COMEDY SHOW. Tickets on sale at the lodge.
October 17th to 19th – Indiana State Moose Fall Convention (Indianapolis)
October 26th – 10th District Meeting at Chesterton Moose Lodge 1623 - 2PM CST

Hope to see you soon.
Feel free to contact me privately about your concerns.

Arthur J. Craig III - Governor
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Administrator's Message
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Hello again everyone. By the time you receive this Newsletter, September will be upon us. The summers always seem to go so fast. But, projects and maintenance on our Lodge will be in full swing. I want to keep the membership informed about what’s happening. So, I would like to touch on a few projects that will be going on, in the next month or so:

• As most of you are aware, we have a significant water problem on the back of our building. We have been in contact with some people to help us take care of the problem at little to no cost to us. (This will save us a substantial amount of money).

• We will also have our leaks in the Banquet Hall roof taken care of.

• Our outside sign, which is now lit, still needs some attention. We will be replacing the bulbs and updating the structure, for a more visually appealing look.

• Next, you will start to notice changes around the Social Quarters Bar.

• Our new carpet in the Social Quarters should be installed in the few weeks.

We have a lot more changes coming in the next months. If you have not been in to see us in a while, please stop in and see some old friends.

Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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